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As a Colorado-based business, we utilize Drone A.I. to offer crucial insights for roof replacement, solar installation, and support services for realtors, home inspectors, roofing companies, and insurance. Our tools ensure informed decision-making with minimized risks and maximized rewards.

House with solar panels on the roof, representing residential renewable energy solutions.


Sun shining on solar panels, illustrating renewable energy and sustainability


Aerial Documentation

Offering peace of mind by giving you the current health of your roof so you know how it will impact your budget.

Providing solutions that commoditizes your roof to pay for your electricity and increase the value of your home.

Elevate your projects with our aerial documentation service—precision 4K and infrared imaging for unparalleled insights and efficiency

Drone A.I. LLC company logo featuring a drone, symbolizing advanced aerial inspection services

Drone A.I. LLC

Aerial Inspections

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Aerial Documentation

Infrared scan detecting heat signatures, used for identifying issues in roofing and solar panel installations


  1. Uncover hidden issues: Infrared photos reveal moisture, insulation gaps, and electrical hotspots.

  2. Prevent damage: Early detection saves on repairs by identifying issues before they worsen.

  3. Enhance safety: Identify hazards like overheating electrical components.

  4. Boost efficiency: Pinpoint heat loss for targeted energy improvements.

  5. Ensure peace of mind: Thorough inspections assure property safety.

Steep roof with visible damage, highlighting the need for professional roofing inspections and repairs


  1. Stunning clarity: Capture high-resolution imagery with unparalleled detail and clarity.

  2. Precise documentation: Provide accurate documentation for projects, surveys, and inspections.

  3. Comprehensive coverage: Obtain detailed views of large areas in a single flight for efficient data collection.

  4. Enhanced analysis: Analyze intricate details for better decision-making and problem-solving.

  5. Professional presentation: Impress clients and stakeholders with professional-grade visuals for presentations and reports.


Roofing professionals from Restoration Colorado working on a roof, showcasing quality roofing services
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