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Restoration Services: Common Questions

  • Why should I get solar panels installed on my home?
    1. Smart Investment 2. Saves thousands on electricity costs 3. Increases the property value 4. Good for the planet and air quality 5. Cost to install can be less than current electricity bill 6. If building a home, it is much cheaper to include it as part of the purchase price. We can work with your builder.
  • Why use solar panels at home?
    U.S. average Utility increases 4% each year and more if you live in Colorado. Many Colorado Utility companies are required to reduce their carbon emissions. Capital costs to purchase out of state power, build renewable resources or convert to gas will pass to the consumer and business. As of Nov. 1, 2021 Colorado Springs residence will see a 13.5% increase and business can range from 17.4-20.2% increase. A home solar system battles out of control energy cost and helps the environment.
  • How do solar panels solve my problems?
    1. Generate what you need and sell excess back to the utility company. 2. Improves the environment. 3. Increase property value without increase property tax 4. Can provide Battery or other power backup options to store excess to be used at night or in bad weather.
  • What are the immediate benefits from installing solar panels?
    Have a flat cost utility bill while increasing your property value!
  • What are the long term benefits from installing solar panels?
    Utility costs stay the same as others who did not add solar increase every year.
  • What is the process after I purchase Solar for my home?
    1. Customers mail their rebates and metering to the correct agencies. 2. Product is warranty for 25-years, the longest warranty in the market! 3. Aerial pictures of completed project and sign off that customer approves the project is complete. 4. Enjoy and relax
  • Who is Solar NOT for?
    1. Any home that has large areas of shade. Like tall trees that cover the roof and yard. 2. If you plan on selling and moving within 18-months or more 3. HOA restricted
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