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Door Knocking Drone Inspections

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Some might resent any company because they knock on the door. But many know that roofers show up after every storm and again 6 to 9 months after a storm. Some will welcome their help, and some do not want or trust anyone climbing on their roof. Whatever your thoughts are, drone roofing inspections can be the solution for you.

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Drone Roofing Expectations

First, ask the UAV/drone roofing inspector to show you their FAA certification. To fly commercially, a pilot must pass FAA Part 107 UAV/Drone certification process.

Drone Inspections are contactless if you choose so. Meaning no need to be home or worry someone fell off the roof or damaged it since no ladders will touch the gutters.

Safety First

The UAV/drone pilot will quickly survey the area to identify any tree and power line hazards. Once complete, the next step is a flight safety check of the drone and airspace before flying. The pilot will then place safety cones to pinpoint the landing area and around the work truck. The pilot will also wear a bright-colored vest, so anyone who walks by will know who the pilot is. Sometimes there is an observer present to be an additional set of eyes.


Once in the air, the drone will spend 15 to 20 min at different altitudes taking video and pictures for later review. Most of the time, the drone will be between 3 to 5 feet above the roof to ensure clear, detailed images. Once the roof has been inspected, the drone will fly 200 feet above the ground over the building to capture the entire roof in one shot. This data will then be sent to Certifly or iRoofing for measurements that are less than 1/2 in off in total measurement. This exact measurement ensures no waste of material. Once the drone is down and off, the next inspection is by cell camera checking bottoms of gutters, window screens, etc., for possible weather-related damage.


The pictures will be viewed using Adobe Photoshop to see details as if a person was standing on the roof. The photos will then mark off a 10x10 ft area using the shingles as a measuring tool which is the standard practice for roofing and insurance. A report will be shared within 24-48 hrs. If damage is found and meets the criteria to make a claim, the information will suggest that. There are times that feet on the roof are still required. no damage is found, the report will be yours as evidence that you had an inspection completed with detailed high-tech photos.


Having yearly inspections will provide you with the correct information that can be shared with the next door knock. We can provide a sticker that can be placed on your door that states, roof inspected on this date with our company logo.

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