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Senate Bill SB38 State of Colorado

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

There are many laws and rules that are created to protect consumers and industy by creating standards and clear regulations of engagement.

Colorado SB38 is a list of standards that roofers must follow and for consumers to understand their rights when engaging a roofing company.

A roofing company can't waive insurance deductibles. There are no rebates or loopholes, and if it does happen, it's fraud under Penalties: 18-13-119.5, C.R.S. of the criminal code.

This bill also requires a written and signed contract between the property owner and the roofing company. The contract will have:

· Scope of work, material, and brand

· Cost for same based on damage known at the time of the contract

· Timeline when service is started and completed

· Roofers contact information, Business licenses, insurance (workers comp and liability insurance)

· Roofer company contract will spell out the policy for cancellation of the contract and refund of any deposits. This includes the property owners' rights to rescind after 72 hours after signing.

· The contract will also have a statement stating if payment is from an insurance claim, the property owner must pay the deductible and that the roofing company can't offer any rebates to offset.

· It will also spell out that the property owner may rescind the contract if an insurance claim is denied.

If you need additional information, please seek an attorney for advice.

Colorado Attorney General office:


Also, contact your local Better Business Bureau

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