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Solar for Apartments, Condo's, Motels, Hotels

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The U.S. average electricity price increases 4% each year. In Colorado, depending on where you live, that cost can be higher. Utility companies are being forced to reduce their carbon use. The choices to accomplish this are cutting coal use, purchasing energy out of state, converting to gas, or building renewable resources. These choices force increased capital expenditures that will pass to businesses and consumers.

How can future energy needs and costs be controlled?

It's essential to understand the business objectives first. Is the goal to lower operating costs, provide solar to tenants, reduce common area energy loads, increase property value and or attract new tenants/customers?

Then understand how this change will impact the site's visual aesthetics, tenants' everyday life, surrounding obstacles, and what size system and location are needed to meet the project objectives.

After determining the required power needed, what locations have adequate sunlight, the age of the roof, and the expected lifespan, warranty and support are required to make the ROI worth it.

Having no Solar or renewable plan is costing you money.

Example: Colorado Springs Utilities is offering

  • Eligible for $0.10 per watt rebate. Depending on the installation, up to 40% of system costs could be covered by rebates and tax credits.

  • The minimum size is 500 Watts AC. Maximum is 120% of customer usage or 100 kWh AC for business and 15 kWh for residential.

Why 120% and not just 100% of energy use?

NREL research has shown a 0.5% per year degradation rate or higher depending on climate and rooftop systems ( NREL ). Including this factor allows for a 15+ year use without having to replace or add more panels.

You are either renting electricity or owning it. Take advantage of the current incentives to offset the costs. Waiting will only increase your entry cost when the incentives run out.

To schedule a FREE DISCOVERY MEETING on how solar can benefit you, please get in touch with us at: 719.217.9680 or email

Partnering with Cheetah Solar, a Titan Solar dealer. The only solar company with a 25-year warranty.

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