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Solar: Questions you might have and more

Can I live off the grid? The quick, simple answer is no. The exception is those who live miles away from public utilities.

What happens if my neighborhood power goes out? You will also be without power unless you have a backup like a battery or a gas generator. Why? Because your solar system is tied to the grid. For safety, reason can’t have solar sending power when someone could be doing repairs.

How much will it cost me? There is a cost, but with Federal rebates, selling power back to your local utilities, and having a flat price over time offset that cost.

This example is from a home that is 3,500 square feet with a 14.8kW system. This system also has SolarEdge.No battery backup or gas-generated backup.

Behind the numbers: The current monthly cost of $166 is currently what this home is paying. $442 is a 4% utility increase per year based on the current U.S. average.

If this were financed at 4% APR for 15yrs, the cost would be $57,10.35. Savings would be $25,713.65. Even if you stretch the loan to 25-years at 4% APR, the total cost would be $67,871.81 with a savings of $14,947.19. These costs and estimates will differ based on your credit score and the solution picked.

So what is stopping you from learning how solar can impact your monthly budget and home property value?

  • I will be in my less than 2yrs. If this is a true statement, then solar is not suitable for you.

  • I have no idea who to call or engage. There are only a few actual installers in the U.S. The one that has the best warranty is Titan Solar at 25-years. Suggest never look at anything less than 20-years.

  • Will my roof support the solar panels? Suggest working with a roofing company that also sells solar. They can do an accurate inspection.

  • How does metering work? Each local utility has its specific metering policies. Refer to your local utility company or call and schedule a free consultation.

  • What happens to my solar if I sell my home? You have options. Pay off the loan before selling or easily transfer it to the new homeowners.

  • How do I know solar is right for my family? The choice to save money, increase property value while helping mother earth is never wrong.

If you are in Colorado, visit this site to schedule a free consultation:

If you are in Arizona, visit this site to schedule a free consultation:

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